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Dr. Marcos Velázquez

Hello February and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar. Meet Dr. Marcos Velázquez.

As a cardiologist, Dr. Velazquez is used to being the one taking care of patients, not receiving care himself. After feeling dizzy following his daily exercise, Dr. Velazquez found himself on the other side of the white coat and in need of emergency care. Tests revealed Dr. Velazquez’s heart was not beating normally and an internal defibrillator was implanted to maintain his heart’s rhythm, which worked for a while. Over time, Dr. Velazquez’ heart gradually weakened. He was hospitalized in severe condition and told his only chance of survival was a heart transplant. Three months after receiving his transplant, Dr. Velazquez returned to his work as a cardiologist, and every day he thanks God for His mercy and his donor's act of love.