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Davila-Padilla family

Hello April and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar - Then and Now edition!
Then... The Davila-Padilla family, Donor family 2010 calendar participant.
Now...The Davila-Padilla family was devastated when they received the news that their oldest child, Christian, who had been working as a vital member of the team with his father in the family business, was involved in a terrible accident. Christian did not survive, and his family made the decision to donate his organs and tissues to ensure Christian’s legacy would live on in others. Ana, Christian’s mom, serves as a LifeLink of Puerto volunteer and continues to share Christian’s story to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation. Time passed and life moved forward—Ana went to culinary school and became a pastry chef, and Christian’s siblings both have married.
Their family always remembers and misses Christian in all things they do, while they live their lives in gratitude and happiness with the knowledge that he lives on through recipients, like heart recipient, Israel, whom Ana has had the pleasure of meeting.