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Cayden James

Hello August and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar.

Cayden has overcome a lot in his short life. When his mom, Jessica, was only two months pregnant she learned from doctors that Cayden had prune belly syndrome, a condition in which there are little or no abdominal muscles that can also create problems with the urinary system. Before Cayden was even born, he had in-utero surgery to improve his survival during pregnancy. He arrived six weeks early, and shortly thereafter more surgeries ensued, including bladder reconstruction and
multiple port replacements. Cayden began dialysis at only one year old and remained on dialysis until his kidney transplant on January 13, 2015. Now at 11 years old, Cayden is an active boy who loves riding his hoverboard and playing video games. He used to be embarrassed by the scars on his belly but now flaunts them as his “treasure map.” His mom says, “He’s an amazing little boy. We are grateful every day that he’s here.”