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Carrying out his final act of kindness

IMG_4540Nearly a year ago, Meathor answered a phone call that no one ever wants to receive. Her brother, Leroy, was riding his bike to work near his home in Florida when he was hit by an automobile, causing him to crash through the windshield. The accident occurred right in front of a hospital so medical help was available almost immediately.

Two days after the accident, Leroy was pronounced brain dead and LifeLink of Florida talked with the family about the option of organ donation – Leroy had already made a decision to become a donor when he registered on Florida’s organ and tissue donor registry, and Leroy’s family was honored to help carry out his final act of kindness.  They were not surprised he wanted to donate his organs, that’s the type of person Leroy was, loving and always willing to give a helping hand to those in his community. “Knowing my brother is helping others live even after his death…that feeling is tremendous. The recipients have a better quality of life because of my brother,” says Meathor.

Meathor is a Special Needs Teacher in a Fulton County School and also a PRN Clerk at an Atlanta area hospital, which is served by LifeLink of Georgia. At each job she shares her brother’s story and encourages others to make a decision about organ donation. “He is still a blessing to people,” says Meathor, “He continues to live.”IMG_4541