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Say "Yes" Today

Atlanta NFL Former Players Chapter Presents Exclusive Screening of "The Wish" on August 8, 2015

ATLANTA, GA – (August 8, 2015) – LifeLink® of Georgia, the state’s non-profit organ recovery organization, is pleased to invite the public to the red carpet premiere of the new Donate Life America Film, The Wish - A Story of Hope, Faith and Generosity, starring actors Reece Odum, Blue Kimble, and Patrick Faucette. The premiere will take place at the Midtown Arts Cinema on Saturday, August 8 beginning at 11:30am.

As part of its commitment to increasing the number of lifesaving and healing transplants, Donate Life America, a not-for-profit alliance of national organizations and state teams across the United States committed to increasing organ, eye and tissue donation, partnered with the Georgia-based independent film production company, Ty Manns Films, to produce the dramatic and inspirational film, The Wish. Written by, Ty Manns, The Wish is a faith-based film about a beloved high school teacher’s kidney failure and her struggles as she awaits the kidney transplant she needs to save her life.

More than 5,100 Georgians are in need of an organ transplant and over 4,600 of those are awaiting a kidney transplant. 62% of those awaiting a kidney transplant in Georgia are African American. The African American community is uniquely impacted by the need for organ transplantation because diseases resulting in kidney failure – like diabetes and high blood pressure - are more prevalent in the African American community than other populations, leading to dialysis and the need for a kidney transplant. The only way to save the lives of those waiting for a kidney transplant is through organ donation.

The Wish serves as a forum to bring the inspiring message of donation and generosity to multicultural and interfaith audiences and to motive more people to give the gift of life by registering their decision to become and organ, eye, and tissue donor. To learn more about The Wish (the film) and/or organ & tissue donation, contact LifeLink of Georgia’s Multicultural Donation Education Program (MDEP) at 800-544-6667 or visit www.LifeLinkFoundation.org. You can also register today as an organ & tissue donor today by visiting www.DonateLifeGeorgia.org.

Tickets to The Wish premiere event can be reserved in advance at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nfl-former-players-atlanta-chapter-the-wish-screening-tickets-17810405402 .

Contact Kaysha Cranon, LifeLink Public Affairs, with any additional questions and/or for any further information at (706) 854-0333 / (800) 544-6667 or via e-mail at [email protected].