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Another chance in life to move forward

Frank had a rewarding job as a life insurance salesman meeting people one-on-one, providing wisdom and encouragement. He excelled in his role and was promoted to District Manager within the first six months. Unfortunately, hypertension – which is hereditary in his family - led Frank down a road to kidney failure, forcing him to give up his job and spend six years on dialysis. During his time on dialysis, Frank continued to use his life as a witness to others experiencing the same life situations. “God placed a smile on my face and the words in my heart to encourage and strengthen patients around me,” says Frank.

Since receiving a kidney transplant, Frank has been able to return to normal daily life without being hooked up to dialysis machines. He recently was able to attend his daughter’s graduation and celebrated father’s day with his family.

Daughter graduationCelebrating Father's Day

According to Frank, his kidney transplant has allowed him “Another chance in life to move forward and witness to others in a new way.” Frankie mourns with his donor family over the loss of their loved one, but he is thankful they made the decision to help others – a legacy he will continue.

Frank at Steve Harvey black tie ballMother, sisters, brother, nephew