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Back to what he loves the most, helping others

Raul at Parrandas

Raul may have retired from his career as a sales representative for a wholesale candy and chocolate company, but he barely slowed down He now specializes in fundraising events for charitable causes – helping ease the financial burden of individuals with difficult health situations.

He always enjoys having the opportunity to help others, but never imagined he would be the one in need. In 2013 Raúl learned a condition impacting his liver was so serious that his only chance of survival was a liver transplant. He was on the waiting list for a year when his life was saved by an organ donor. Now, Raúl is back to what he loves the most, helping others. He is a LifeLink of Puerto Rico volunteer and serves in the support group for liver patients at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital Transplant Center.

Raúl enjoys spending time with his wife, visiting his daughters daily and helping care for his grandchildren. Despite his busy retirement, Raúl always finds the time to enjoy a good cup of Puerto Rican coffee.

Hospital StaffRaul in company of LL staf and Vol