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LifeLink® Foundation Develops Leaders from Within

The promotions below are featured with permission from staff, and do not reflect all 52 employees who were promoted.

Each member of the LifeLink team plays a vital role in the miracle of transplantation and 52 employees were recently recognized for excelling in their contributions with promotion to a new role. As do all LifeLink staff, these individuals embody our company values, work daily to further our mission, and stay committed to compassion, excellence, legacy and quality to our community, for our donors and their families, and the patients who benefit from our efforts.


LifeLink Foundation:

Jennifer Krouse was named Foundation Director for Public Affairs and has served LifeLink for 23 years. Lesley Macki was promoted to Communication Supervisor. Tracy Ide, based in Georgia, was named Manager of Public Affairs.


LifeLink of Florida:

Trish Carroll, PA-C has been with LifeLink for 31 years and was promoted to Associate Executive Director of LifeLink of Florida. Regina Palke was promoted to Director of Recovery Services. Ashley Sullivan was named Hospital Development Liaison 2. Lindsay Tierney was promoted to Administrative Team Leader. Sandra Tornabell was named Family Care Coordinator 2. Wendy Hoffman and Bonnie Whallin, have been promoted to Administrative Assistant 2. Christine Redshaw is now Transplant Coordinator 2. Melissa Kelley was promoted to Manager, Recovery Services. Phil Hahn was named Assistant Manager, Recovery Services.


LifeLink of Georgia:

Lisa Richmond was named Executive Assistant/Team Leader. Kaitlin Bachert was promoted to Recovery Services Specialist/Training Supervisor. Clay Barker was named a Surgical Coordinator Specialist. Bryan Evans is now a Family Care Coordinator 2 -Vascular. Deana Porter was promoted to Family Services Liaison 2. Neko Northington was named Family Care Coordinator 2. Michelle Burkett, was promoted to Hospital Development Team Leader.


LifeLink Immunology Lab:

Valerie Fudge was promoted to Histocompatibility Senior Lead Technologist. Nick Williamson was named Histocompatibility Technologist 2.


LifeLink of Puerto Rico:

Sonny Berrios was promoted to Family Care Coordinator 2 with the tissue team. Jose Dross was named Family Care Coordinator 2 with the tissue team.


LifeLink Tissue Bank:

Zulaika Lopez was promoted to Quality Control Supervisor. Jeremy Joniak was named Hospital Services Coordinator 2. Joshua Grovac is now Hospital Services Team Lead. Kelli Gustafson was promoted to Quality Control Specialist 2. Kristen Blok was named Birth Tissue Tech 1.