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Your one choice to be an organ and tissue donor can give a hopeful future to numerous patients in need and their families.

Adam, Heart Recipient

Kidney Recipient and Living Donor

Syrita and Rodney Ford

In early 2009, Syrita visited her doctor for her yearly checkup; it was far from “routine”. Although she didn’t feel sick, Syrita’s kidneys only functioned at 20%, and shortly after, she began peritoneal dialysis. Each night Syrita’s husband Rodney, connected her to a dialysis machine and for eight hours the machine functioned as her kidneys. Syrita continued to work during the day and explored options for transplant. Rodney immediately offered to be tested as a living donor and he was a match. In March 2010, Rodney and Syrita were admitted to the hospital so Rodney could provide his wife with a second chance at life. After the transplant surgery, Rodney walked to Syrita’s room, where they embraced and started the next chapter of their lives. “I feel excellent. Being a living donor was a pleasant experience and I feel blessed to see Syrita every day.” says Rodney. Syrita says, “Because of him, I lived. I don’t take life for granted, but I am forever grateful to this man for giving me this beautiful life.”

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    Did you know just one organ donor can save up to eight lives and a single tissue donor can help more than 70 individuals? Find out how saying "yes" to donation can give the gift of life today!

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    LifeLink offers opportunities to honor the generosity of organ and tissue donors and their families during and after the time of donation; provides resources to help navigate the grief process; and provides opportunities to share about the positive impact of their donation experience through our volunteer program.

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    We partner with hospitals, transplant centers, medical examiners, coroners, funeral homes and driver license service providers to save lives and amplify public education efforts to increase donor registrations.

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Second Chances, Made Possible by Organ & Tissue Donation

Thanks to the generosity of a donor, these individuals were given another opportunity to do what they love and experience a fulfilling life – you too have the power to be part of a lifesaving story by saying “Yes” today.

  • I think of my donor family and their loved one daily.

    Marquita, Liver Recipient
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  • My transplant has allowed me to appreciate life in a new way.

    Jennifer, Heart Recipient
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  • We love Gilberto and will remember him always.

    Marfisi-Rivera Family, Donor Family
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